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krokusfestival 2018 - van vr 09 februari t/m do 15 februari 2018

Krokusfestival has finally become an 'adult', 21 years young. After our 20th birthday party last edition, we continue working, even more determined than before. So it would be a great pleasure to welcome you all to this 21th edition between 09 and 15th of February 2018 in Hasselt, Belgium.


Our program is not yet completely finished, but we can already tell you that we will present premières by DEMAAN, het nieuwstedelijk, De Spiegel, WIThWIT, cie WOEST and our own Krokusproduction: When the door is closed you are not allowed to enter (even when open, you might not be allowed). This production is site specific, even very specific: in 3 children's bedrooms! But Krokusfestival also invites international shows by Joshua Monten, Philippe Saire, Dalija Acin Thelander, cie. shonen, Schippers&VanGucht, De Dansers & plan-d, and many others.

In total we welcome more than 34 companies and present more than 80 shows. But Krokusfestival is also an important international meeting place. Last February we welcomed more than 160 delegates, more than 100 international. So the festival is an excellent opportunity not only to watch but also to meet!

We will present our PUSH lab on (over)protection (with a workshop), host a residential workshop program, will make step two in the cross-European project Think local create global (with Thailand, India, Egypt, Chili and Brazil), focus on internationalisation of arts for young audiences and have an inspiring project about TEENS and art.

And there is indeed still much more to come, see the final program in December! Because: we also prepare a special opening show on Friday 09, the famous Krokusdinner on Sunday 11 and a nice beer evening (every day, but special on Tuesday 13), a meeting place with Belgian companies, a special breakfast session, etcetera.

More info in our second newsletter in November and on this website in December. If you want to book flights already and/or need help or info, please mail Karin Valée:

PUSH project

PUSH is an international project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. Imaginate Scotland is our leading partner, and we work together with Aaben Dans Denmark, The Ark Ireland and Scenekunstbruket Norway.
PUSh is a project to push the boundaries within art for young audiences on three topics: gender, migration and (over)protection. Around each topic there is a 8 day laboratorium for international artists. Next to that the topics are presented and discussed in several festivals: Krokusfestival, Imaginate, Dublin Festival, Showbox and SWOP. Moreover, we invite artists from each country to come along and visit the festivals, network, see international shows, participate in cultural exchange.

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