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  • To initiate new ideas for theatre and dance for young audiences - exploring topics that are currently underrepresented and require addressing; topics that can be taboo and/or experimental.
  • To create positive and open spaces to pilot new ideas/experiments with audiences - we will discover how audiences (including children and young people, their families/carers and teachers) respond to the material as a basis for future production ideas.
  • To offer high quality training and peer-to-peer learning for European artists and practitioners based in Scotland (UK), Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Norway
  • To create a visible network of artists, peers, organisations and festivals across the EU - we will promote the participating artists within the partner organisations and ensure their connection with the network is not a one-off experience.
  • To enhance the international career potential for artists through opportunities to find new collaborators and new markets for their productions
  • To build stronger and more diverse partnerships, using the PUSH opportunities to build connections in parts of the EU where our connections are not yet as strong - we will focus on this through events and networking for PUSH with the international delegations at the five partner festivals.


  • 3 Labs in Scotland, Belgium and Ireland attended by 42 artists from the 5 partner countries, each Lab will connect a local school and a team of artistic leaders and non-arts professionals
  • 3 PUSH 2-day events at each Lab for sector peers and the general public
  • 5 festival visits for 35 artists from the 5 partner countries
  • 5 PUSH 2-day public presentations at the 5 partner festivals
  • Professional project trailer and documentary

Info: www.pushproject.eu
Info: www.pushproject.eu/events/over-protection-lab

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